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Why 99% Retail Traders Making Loss in Intraday Trading?

Did you know that 99% Indian Retail Traders making Loss in Stock Market?
Yes Its Right, only 1% Traders making Profit in Intraday Trades.

And Did you who is that 1% People?

This 1% Traders are Big Institution or Big Traders. Big Institution Includes FII (Foreign Institutional Investors), DII (Domestic Institutional Investors) and Experienced Retail Traders Only

Big Foreign Investment Consist FII (outside Governments) and Big Domestic Companies or Mutual Fund House Consist DII (LIC, Mutual Fund House)

Investment Awareness Programme

D-Street Came With Investment Awareness Programme Concept and Give Proper Guidance to Indian Retail Traders.
So that we are Saying that if you are beginner in indian stock market or not have proper technical and fundamental knowledge of market then please don't trade in intraday trading. Your Account will ended with Big loss at end of the game

Can i Do Intraday Trading ?

First of All, Please Don't Be Negative by hearing that only 1% Traders Can earn Profit in intraday
You can Also Do Intraday Trading and earn Profit

Check Whether You are Eligible for Intraday Trading or Not

  • Do have 5 Years of Experience in Share Market?
  • Do You Know Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis?
  • Do You have any Investment Advisor who can Guide you?
  • Do you have Patience, Emergency Fund and Money Management Skills?

    If you have one of the four, then You can Trade in Intraday Trading Safely. You Required minimum 1 Eligibility of above to trade in Intraday Trading.

  • What Should i Do if i am not Eligible for Intraday Trading ?

    As You know that If you are not Intraday Trader then You Must be Short term and Long Term Traders.
    But in Between We have Something Which Can Satisfy Your Intraday Trading Profile along with Short Term Trading

    We have Ultra Short Term Tips

  • You can Trade in Our Ultra Short Term Ideas
  • Holding Period is Only 1 to 7 Days
  • And 30% Times Your Positions Squared off in Intraday Itself
  • Long Target and Consistent Profit
  • Our Most Valuable and Evergreen Plan which is Suits for All Types of Traders

  • You can View More Details of This Plan from here

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    What We Do

    We are recently Start Advisory Services in Share Market. We Provide Stock Recommendations or Ideas to Indian Traders. And Yes You are Right This Services is Not Free. Nothings come for Free in this World So Our Services has Also Charges. We have Different Different Plans as per Clients Risk Profile Like as Intraday Tips, Ultra Short Term Tips, Wealth Creation Tips and Also Mutual Fund Selection Services.

    How we are Different From Others ?

    D-Street Investment Advisor is different from other advisory companies in india. Our Main Focus is Service Quality, Not to Earn Fees by Making new and new clients (Quantity). Yes Ofcourse we are Also Doing Marketing to Generate New Prospects but its Ethical Way. We are not Giving any Fake Promises like as Guaranteed Profits or 100% Accuracy. We are here to Try to Minimize your Loss and Maximize Your Profit. Stock Market is Best Way to Earn Huge Profit but You must have sufficient Knowledge to Investment regarding, and We Guide for the same.


    1What Types of Services we Offer?
    We Offer Intraday Tips, Ultra Short Term Tips, Wealth Creation Tips, Mutual Fund Selection Tips.
    2What to Do if i Want to Subscribe Your Intraday Services?
    First Of all, We are not offer intraday services to all traders. You must be eligible to get this Services. We Evaluate your risk Profile and if you fit in our criteria than you can subscribe this Intraday Tips.
    3What is Waiting List Number?
    Now a Days, We have So Many clients want to Subscribe our Services. But We have some limitation for this. So We Provide you waiting List Number so that whenever your turn arrive we will call you and give you our services.
    4How many Days it does take to Arrive my Turn in Waiting List number?
    Waiting List Number and Your Turn Depends Upon How much Traffic of Users who want to subscribe our services. Basically its takes 1 Day to 3 Months.

    Any Question ?

    If you have any questions then You can Ask here. We will Answer to your question within 24 Hours in Private. And If Your Question Related to Majority of Users then we can also Post it to out Website's FAQ Section.

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